Dennis Schroder discusses Darko Rajakovic’s style: “I think it’s really hard to guard”

Photo: Toronto Raptors/Twitter

Toronto Raptors point guard Dennis Schroder feels a lot of unity when playing in head coach Darko Rajakovic’s offensive system.

(via Toronto Raptors):

Reporter: “How would you describe this new version of the Toronto Raptors in terms of style of play?”

Schroder: “Togetherness. Enjoying togetherness. How we play, everybody’s touching the ball, everybody’s moving. They won a championship 4 years ago, so they’ve still got a championship mentality of a team, coaching staff. But at the end of the day, we’re playing a little different. I think it’s really hard to guard that everybody can be aggressive on the offensive end, everybody’s touching it, and I think it’s really hard to guard for the other team.”

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