Dennis Rodman’s strained relationship with David Robinson during Spurs stint

Dennis Rodman’s transition to the San Antonio Spurs in 1993 was anticipated to form a formidable frontcourt duo with David Robinson.

However, the reality was starkly different as Rodman, known as “The Worm,” struggled to connect with Robinson both on and off the court.

Former Spurs backup Jack Haley revealed, via Roland Lazenby, that Rodman, contrary to popular belief, had a significant issue with Robinson’s work ethic and intensity in practice.

According to Haley, Robinson’s tendency to skip practices due to various reasons, like tendinitis or soreness, clashed with Rodman’s dedication to rigorous practice routines.

Haley emphasized Rodman’s preference for a disciplined practice regimen, stating, “Dennis is a practice guy, and it didn’t sit well with Dennis. That caused a lot of problems.”

Despite Robinson’s efforts to bridge the gap off the court by extending invitations for lunch and attempting to discuss basketball, Rodman remained unresponsive.

Haley disclosed, “Dave tried everything… To get through with Dennis Rodman to form a friendship… Dennis wouldn’t respond.”

This lack of chemistry and mutual respect on the court and strained relationship off it created significant challenges for the Spurs during Rodman’s tenure.

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