De’Aaron Fox on guarding Steph Curry

De’Aaron Fox led the Kings in scoring with game-high 38 points in the win against the Warriors (126-123). The 25-year-old point guard had also a defensive assignment as he guarded Steph Curry for parts of the game.

When talking about what it is like guarding the four-time NBA champion, Fox brought up a quote by J.R. Smith who was recently a guest on JJ Redick’s podcast.

The former NBA player told Redick how Matthew Dellavedova would be extremely exhausted after guarding Curry in the Finals between the Warriors and Cavaliers.

“Did y’all see that clip of J.R. Smith talking about [Matthew Dellavedova]? Did y’all see that clip? That sh*t’s real,” Fox said. “Obviously I didn’t guard Steph the entire game but most of the first quarter, most of the fourth quarter I guarded him. That clip is real.”

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