David Foster’s Daughter Refutes That He “Abandoned” His Daughters

David Foster‘s daughter is clapping back at those criticizing his parenting skills. 

After a commenter accused the legendary music producer of abandoning his older children under a video he posted of his 2-year-old son, Rennie, playing the drums, his daughter Amy S. Foster stepped in to defend her dad.

“I am a daughter…” the 50-year-old wrote back to the commenter under the Jan. 5 post. “Absolutely no abandonment.” 

The Rift author—David’s only child with first wife B.J. Cook—also emphasized the relationship she shares with her father. “I literally just talked to my dad five minutes ago,” she continued. “Are you sticking up for us? It’s hard to tell these days. You see a video with an amazing two year old and your take away is something negative?” 

In fact, Amy pointed to her whole family’s social media activity as proof that her and her siblings—Allison Jones, 53, Sara Foster, 42, Erin Foster, 41, and Jordan Foster, 37—are nothing but supportive of their dad.

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