Darvin Ham on Warriors: “They’re a championship ball club for a reason”

The Warriors bounced back from Game 1 loss against the Lakers in the Western Conference Semifinals with a big win in Game 2 (127-100).

After the game Lakers head coach Darvin Ham talked about the challenges that Golden State presents to his team on the defensive end.

“Just being ready from the ball leaving our shooters’ hands, sprinting back in transition, getting matched up, communicating,” Ham said. “You make one slip, you miss one assignment, they’re going to make you pay.

“As I mentioned before, they’re probably most dangerous once they give he ball up. That’s when the race starts. Those guys’ ability to run around on the floor and their bigs and their facilitators guys knowing where they can blindly throw a pass and that pass is going to be connecting to Klay or Steph, or Jordan right in their spot.

“And they have a lot of pride, a ton of pride. They’re a championship ball club for a reason. After Game 1 we fully anticipated them to come out and throw some haymakers which they did. Klay got off. He was seeing the ball going in early often.

“Again, we got our work cut our for us. But you don’t get to this point of the season by being easy. You have to buckle down, do your homework, look at ways the Ws and Ls, the wisdom and lessons, look at ways you can get better from it and try not to make the same mistakes twice.”

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