Danielle Maltby Says Michael Allio Breakup Was “Not a Mutual Decision”

In a follow up Story, Danielle went on to acknowledge fans of the former couple who watched them bond over their experiences with loss and grief on the ABC dating show. (Danielle’s late fiancé died of an apparent drug overdose in 2011 while Michael lost his wife Laura to cancer in 2019.)

“I know so many people were rooting for Michael and I, and I appreciate your support so much,” the 37-year-old said. “I don’t regret the love I gave for a second.”

Danielle, who had moved to Ohio from Nashville earlier this year to be near Michael and his 7-year-old son, added, “While these last couple months have been extremely difficult and painful for me, I am succeeding in finding moments of joy in building a new life in this city regardless of how I came to it.”

And despite the two being together for the past year, these days the nurse is focused on herself and her career.

“I have been extremely invested in my job,” she admitted, “which I love and I feel hopeful again to discover what the future holds for me.”

But the reality star is not looking to dive deeper into her split from Michael, citing James—whom Michael shared with his late wife Laura—as one of the reasons. As she put it, “Out of respect for the time we shared, love I have and honoring the fact there is a child involved, I won’t be addressing this further.”


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