Daniel Radcliffe Shares Rare Insight Into Magical New Chapter as a Dad

For now, Daniel is focusing on his part in season four of Miracle Workers—also starring Steve BuscemiGeraldine Viswanathan, Jon Bass and Karan Soni—which premieres on TBS July 10.

“Definitely in terms of sex and violence, there’s more of that than there has been before. But it’s a TV show. It’s all very light, and it’s very comedic,” he said. “Geraldine and I’s first scene together is our ‘meet-cute’ where she is playing a warlord and I am playing a road warrior who meet and immediately engage in physical combat before falling pretty instantly in love with each other.”

Daniel added, “One of the main differences in the show from past years is that me and Geraldine’s characters are together from the beginning, and it’s less about ‘will they, won’t they?’ It’s about being in a relationship, and being married, and considering kids just set against the background of the world of Mad Max.”

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