Dalvin Cook latest update will make Dolphins fans pull out their hair

Former Vikings running back Dalvin Cook isn’t in a rush to sign with a new team, which will make some NFL fanbases feel like tearing out their hair.

One day after Dalvin Cook was released from the Minnesota Vikings, it appears as though he’s enjoying his time as a free agent. Finally out of Scandinavian jail, Cook has the liberty of signing a new deal with whichever team he pleases in 2023.

One team’s fanbase believes they’re in the running to nab him based on Cook’s latest social media activity: the Miami Dolphins. Seeing Cook join Mike McDaniel in the AFC East seems like a real possibility, but if you ask Cook himself, he’s not rushing into anything just yet.

Adam Schefter tweeted on Friday afternoon that Cook, who is owed $2 million by the Vikings, is being “patient” and “waiting for the right situation.”

With several months to go until the start of the 2023 season, Cook has the luxury of weighing all his options carefully, albeit his position is undervalued on the market.

For all those on the edge of their seats waiting to buy Cook’s new jersey, this summer will provide a mere breadcrumb trail to his potential next home.

Dalvin Cook, a newly minted free agent, preaches patience to grabby teams

Minnesota saved roughly $9 million in cap space by releasing Cook this summer, and in all honesty, it was a move that everybody saw coming.

From Cook being deleted from the Vikings’ Twitter banner to rumors about Cook’s unwillingness to lower his base salary this year, Minnesota and Cook were bound to part ways this offseason, it was only a matter of when.

The Dallas Cowboys did the same thing to running back Ezekiel Elliott in March, who still remains a free agent. Cook joins Elliott as two of the top free agent running backs money can buy, begging the question: Which team will pounce on whom first?

Elliott has been rumored to join a small handful of teams with the top option, ironically, being that he gets re-signed by the Cowboys.

Cook clearly has attracted red-hot interest from Dolphins fans, though it remains to be seen whether McDaniel feels as strongly about the four-time Pro Bowl running back. McDaniel refused to comment on the Cook situation back when Cook was technically on the Vikings, and he doesn’t have anything to gain by telling the media he wants to sign him.

Even if he did, Miami and any other team eyeing Cook probably won’t ink him to a deal anytime soon. After six years at the only home he’s ever known, Cook is finally free, and he plans to stay that way.

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