Courteney Cox Showcases Her Fit Figure in Bikini Before Her Ice Bath

The one where Courteney Cox cooled off.

The Friends alum recently shared a carousel of photos and videos on Instagram, including a candid look at her latest wellness practice: Taking an icy cold plunge. In the Feb. 5 post, Courteney donned an itty-bitty blue string bikini before dipping into the water.

Although the 59-year-old didn’t post footage of herself once she did the cold plunge, she wanted to know if wetsuit booties were acceptable to wear. “Is this cheating,” she said, pointing to the socks in the short clip, “’cause your feet get really f–king cold.”

A cold plunge is exactly what it sounds like—a dip into an ice bath or ice water. This practice is often used to help relieve muscle pain and reduce inflammation, according to Cleveland Clinic.

Naturally, Courteney’s fans reassured her in the comments section, with one Instagram user writing, “It’s not cheating! I do it too!!!!”

Another follower replied, “My feet are always really cold…i think i need to invest in whatever those sock things are,” while someone else added, “Body goals.”

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