Cory Monteith’s Friend Reflects on His Relationship With Lea Michele

Justin Neill doesn’t need to be in a glee club to sing Lea Michele‘s praises. 

Justin, who is a former roommate of late Glee star Cory Monteith, looked back on having a front-row seat the co-stars’ relationship. According to Justin, the actress left a lasting, positive impression.

“Lea was awesome to me,” Justin told E! News in an exclusive Jan. 12 interview. “She would literally go food shopping, come over to the house and make eggplant parmesan for us. And she was the kind of entertainer [who] would just think about everything.”

Justin noted that he and another close friend were often Cory’s plus two to events, which allowed them to form a bond not only with Lea, but also with her parents, Edith and Marc Sarfati.

“It would be us and Lea’s parents hanging out all the time,” Justin recalled. “And I loved her dad. He was such a funny guy.”

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