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Departing Manchester United striker, Mason Greenwood, is finding the prospect of life after Old Trafford difficult and feels dumped by the club.

The 21-year-old Englishman has had his career on pause since disturbing images and audio content emerged where he appeared to be forcefully abusing and coercing his partner.

While investigations were ongoing, Man United suspended the player but refrained from taking any further actions, deferring an internal investigation until after the police had discontinued prosecution.

The club initially appeared to be on track to reintegrate Greenwood but have now taken a stark U-turn in the aftermath of an overwhelming public backlash.

In an official statement released on Monday, United announced that they would be severing ties with Greenwood, even though the club does not believe that he is guilty of the offences with which he was originally charged.

According to the statement, another club would be sought for Greenwood to enable him to rebuild his career elsewhere:

“All those involved, including Mason, recognise the difficulties with him recommencing his career at Manchester United. It has therefore been mutually agreed that it would be most appropriate for him to do so away from Old Trafford, and we will now work with Mason to achieve that outcome.”

But where exactly would that be?

AS Roma, once his most likely destination, have pulled out of any deal, most likely concerned over the potential PR backlash too.

Other potential suitors including some other Premier League clubs as well as some in Saudi Arabia are also said to have been interested, according to a Sun report, but have rescinded their interests – likely, again, also for PR reasons.

The situation is so dire that at the moment, the only offer on the table is from a side in Albania.

According to the Sun report, Greenwood and his family expected that he would be reintegrated by Man United, so last week’s about-face has come as a shock, which he isn’t handling well at the moment.

Apparently, the player feels abandoned by United.

And while former academy manager Nicky Butt described Greenwood as “Everything. Purely football? A genius”, The Daily Mail reportsthat Greenwood may have been lacking in some of the other essentials.

According to an insider cited in the report, “He [Mason] was always a complex lad. Fragile with a childlike brain. Seventeen going on 14 really. It doesn’t surprise me that he has struggled. Having said that, nobody could have seen that video coming.”

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