Check Out All These Bachelor Nation Couples Who Recently Got Married

Dean Unglert & Caelynn Miller-Keyes

On the hunt for a non-traditional wedding, the former beauty queen pitched a unique idea to her nomadic fiancé.

“I loved summer camp more than anything growing up, so we incorporated some camp themes throughout the weekend, like field day, to really allow everyone to get to know each other,” Miller-Keyes explained to People of inviting their loved ones to a weekend at what they dubbed Camp Bell near Unglert’s Colorado hometown. (Post-nuptials, the duo who met on Paradise in 2019 changed their last names to Bell, in honor of his late mother.)  

But while everyone gamely stayed in cabins and the couple kept the decor minimal to let the natural elements shine, the food at the Sept. 23 reception was elevated far beyond your standard mess hall fare with Alaskan salmon and rib eye, plus a three-tiered vanilla cake and ice cream sandwiches. 

“I need another word to describe the weekend other than perfect,” the bride gushed of the Carter Rose-photographed event, “but it really was.”

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