Chauncey Billups says Blazers targeted draft picks based on short learning curves

Photo: Portland Trail Blazers/Twitter

Portland Trail Blazers head coach Chauncey Billups recently broke down why the situations of rookies Scoot Henderson, Kris Murray, and Rayan Rupert will be different from Shaedon Sharpe’s last year.

(via Portland Trail Blazers):

“When we got Shae, the last actual game he played was in high school. He played in high school and then he transferred, not transferred, but went to Kentucky, never played a game, and then he didn’t play in summer league, he got hurt. So he missed some very valuable time to learn the game and learn how we play. He ended up catching up at some point during the season. I thought we did a good job of kinda speeding him up, but that’s not going to be the case with these guys, they’re coming from playing some very important minutes, some very important basketball. We did a good job of targeting the right type of players that we knew that that learning curve wouldn’t be as big. So we in good shape, man.”

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