Charlie Sheen Reveals He’s Nearly 6 Years Sober

It was a moment the actor deeply regrets, looking back.

“There was 55 different ways for me to handle that situation, and I chose number 56,” he told Yahoo! Entertainment in February 2021. “And so I think the growth for me post-meltdown, it has to start with absolute ownership of my role in all of it. And it was desperately juvenile. I think it was drugs or the residual effects of drugs. It was all self-generated.”

And as for Chuck, he recently decided it was time to let bygones be bygones

“I loved working with Charlie on Two and a Half Men,” he told Variety in a November interview. “We did 170 episodes together before it all fell apart. And more often than not, we had a good time.”

So in the spirit of their past friendship, he decided to give the Platoon star a call—and it made all the difference. 

“I was nervous, but almost as soon as we started talking, I remembered, we were friends once,” Chuck explained. “And that friendship just suddenly seemed to be there again. I don’t want to be too mawkish about it, but it was healing. And he was also totally game to make fun of himself. When he came to the table read of that [Bookie] episode, I walked up, and we hugged. It was just great.”

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