Charles Barkley urges Zion Williamson to shed weight

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The weight of Zion Williamson, the young basketball sensation from the Pelicans, continues to be a topic of discussion. Since entering the NBA in 2020, Williamson has faced injury setbacks, which some attribute to his physical condition.

NBA legend Charles Barkley, who has been vocal about his concerns regarding Williamson’s weight, recently reiterated his stance. During an appearance on SiriusXM NBA Radio, Barkley reflected on his own early years in the league and recalled how Moses Malone bluntly advised him to shed pounds. Barkley expressed his gratitude towards Malone, recognizing that his intervention helped prolong his career.

Barkley further expressed his belief that several players have “eaten their way out of the NBA” and wished there was a veteran presence on the Pelicans who could motivate Williamson to prioritize his physical fitness. He suggested that coaches might shy away from addressing weight issues with star players.

“I wish I could sit down with Zion Williamson and say, ‘Yo man, you’ve got so much talent, but you’re going to have to lose some weight and get in shape because unless you get in shape, you can’t play basketball,’” Barkley stated.

At 22 years old and standing 6’6″ tall, Williamson is currently listed at 284 lbs. The persistent concerns about his weight stem from the impact it may have on his performance and long-term health.

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