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In a recent BBC interview, Cesc Fabregas expressed uncertainties regarding Manchester United’s tactical approach under manager Erik ten Hag.

Fabregas, a seasoned footballer, contrasted Ten Hag’s strategies with those of former manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær, highlighting a lack of clarity and structure in the current setup.

According to Fabregas, while Solskjær’s tenure at United had a discernible strategy focusing on solid defence and effective counter-attacks, Ten Hag’s game plan remains unclear to the former midfield maestro.

“I don’t know his gameplan, I don’t know if he has structure, I don’t know what his message is. At least with Solskjær, there was a plan – defend well and have great breaks,” said Fabregas during the interview.

Further scrutiny came as Fabregas discussed  United’s recent performance against Fulham, noting significant defensive lapses that allowed multiple counter-attacks.

“Looking carefully at the counters that Fulham did to them and the way they were done, it makes the alarm bells go for a very, very long period of time,” Fabregas elaborated.

He stressed that frequent counter-attacks against a top team Man United indicate a fundamental issue within the team’s tactical framework.

“It cannot happen that a top, top team gets done on the counter so many times in one half, or over 60 minutes. And this shows that they are lacking something,” he added.

The critique from such a highly regarded figure in football adds pressure on Ten Hag to address these concerns and refine his strategy to ensure  United can compete at the highest level consistently.

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