Brittany Snow Hints She Was “Blindsided” by Tyler Stanaland Divorce

And some friends in particular are aca-amazing. Just ask Brittany, who leaned on her Pitch Perfect co-stars throughout her divorce.

“When you’re promoting a movie, it’s always like, ‘Oh, we’re all best friends and we all love each other,'” she recalled to the outlet, “because that helps sell the movie. But in this case, we really were, we really did get to become close friends, if not family.”

One Bella in particular—who remained nameless—picked Brittany up again and helped the Hairspray actress heal. 

“The last year has been really tricky for me, and one of the girls, I just opened up her door and I just fell down to the ground and just cried and laid there,” she continued. “And she basically nursed me back to health for like four days.”

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