Borderlands 4 Teased By Gearbox Founder Randy Pitchford

Borderlands 4 Teased By Gearbox Founder Randy Pitchford

We may or may not have just gotten confirmation that Borderlands 4 is on its way.

No seriously, you decide. In an interview with IGN to talk about the upcoming Borderlands movie, Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford dropped a major hint about a new project he considers to be Gearbox’s best game to date. He made sure to dance around the game’s title, but for context, I had just asked him his personal favorite entry from the Borderlands series.

“Look, we haven’t even announced anything of it,” Pitchford said. “Clearly, we’re working on something. And I know what we’re working on, and holy shit… It’s the greatest thing we’ve ever done. And I can’t wait, but it’s not time yet. It’s not time yet. There will be a time.”

As for when we’ll get more details on this mysterious new project, fans are speculating it will be sooner than you might think. According to, Borderlands players on Reddit did some sleuthing to predict when they think the game will be unveiled.

The theory starts with a clip posted Feb. 6 from the official Borderlands account on Twitter/X. “This is how it all started,” the caption reads, accompanied by a video that recaps the entire first game. Fans were hopeful in the comments that the video could be setting the stage for a Borderlands 4 reveal.

Exactly one week later, the account did the same thing for Borderlands 2. On Feb. 13, a nearly three-minute recap of the series’ second installment was uploaded to Twitter, generating further suspicion from Borderlands players that a new game is en route. “Ok… there’s gotta be a reason they’re doing these now right,” one fan asked in the comments.

By that logic, one redditor suggested it’s possible the Borderlands account will continue to release recaps of the remaining games (The Pre-Sequel, Tales From the Borderlands, Borderlands 3, New Tales from the Borderlands) leading up to PAX East, an event where Borderlands 3 was announced in 2019.

All signs seem to be pointing towards a new Borderlands game, and it makes sense — why wouldn’t Gearbox want to ride the hype train of its upcoming film adaptation. Plus, this past November, we even spotted Borderlands 4 mentioned among a leaked list of games in development on a now-deleted LinkedIn post.

But for now, we’ll just have to hold tight for an official reveal. And if the fan theories are right, hopefully March 19 yields some answers.

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