Bloodborne-Inspired Lies of P, Like Bloodborne, Has 3 Endings

Bloodborne-Inspired Lies of P, Like Bloodborne, Has 3 Endings

The upcoming Bloodborne-inspired Soulslike Lies of P features three endings for players to experience, just like Bloodborne itself.

Speaking to IGN at gamescom 2023, game director Ji-Won Choi said players will encounter different endings depending on the decisions they make throughout the game. Lies of P, perhaps unsurprisingly, features a lying system, and the extent of players’ lies throughout the game will determine which ending they receive.

“The lies in the game are not only lies that you are fooling others [with] but also white lies you have to do to make others feel better,” Choi said. “You have to understand others’ emotions to make a decision so [we] want users to feel how they would as a human in the game, and it will show in the ending.

“There are three different endings and if you get to the end of the story there’s a big surprise, a twist, waiting for you. The decisions that you made throughout the game will lead you to endings, so it’s not something that you have to pick at the ending, it will lead you throughout the game.”

Choi also suggested there won’t be obvious story paths for players to follow to achieve each ending, but instead there will seemingly be unclear consequences to players’ decisions that won’t unfold until later.

This is perhaps most similar to Bloodborne’s hidden ending, where players must make a series of decisions during the game that don’t have an obvious purpose at the time. Its other endings are more cut and dry, with players simply choosing between two options at the game’s close.

Comparisons have been made between Lies of P and Bloodborne since its announcement in 2021, from its gothic architecture to its animations to its simple red health bars. FromSoftware fans even modded Lies of P’s PC demo to include Bloodborne’s assets.

In our preview of the game, which launches September 19, IGN said: “Even if Pinocchio’s story in Lies of P isn’t being manipulated by cosmic old gods that turn people into slugs, the attention to detail in recapturing Bloodborne’s magic has got [our] full attention.”

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