Beyoncé’s Daughter Rumi Breaks Musical Record Held by Sister Blue Ivy

Beyoncé‘s girls are running the world. 

Jay-Z and the “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer’s younger daughter, Rumi, just snatched a new record—right from her older sister Blue Ivy

As Rumi—twin to brother Sir—was featured on the “Protector” track of Cowboy Carter, she became the youngest woman to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 in history at just 6 years old. 

Track four on Beyoncé’s new country album, which currently sits at number 42 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, features Rumi asking her mother, “Mom, can I hear the lullaby, please?” and surpasses the feature Blue, 12, had on Beyoncé’s “Brown Skin Girl” in 2019, which peaked at number 76. Blue sang on the Lion King movie track at just 7 years old. 

And while Rumi may have surpassed her older sister in being the youngest woman to ever chart on the Billboard Hot list, Blue still holds a record for being the youngest overall person to claim a spot on any Billboard chart

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