Bengals’ Sam Hubbard sets record with 98-yard fumble recovery

Ninety-eight yards of running earned Sam Hubbard a spot in NFL history.

The Bengals defensive end returned a fumble from the team’s own 2-yard-line all the way into the end zone for a touchdown to give Cincinnati a 24-17 lead over the Ravens early in the fourth quarter of the teams’ wild-card matchup.

Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley attempted a quarterback sneak on third-and-goal from the 1-yard line. He subsequently tried to leap and stretch the ball over the plane. As he stretched the ball out, however, Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson met him in the air and ripped the ball out.

Hubbard scooped the ball up at the 2-yard line and sprinted 98 yards for the touchdown. It’s the longest fumble recovery in NFL postseason history.

Huntley pleaded with the referees after the play, convinced that he broke the plane when he stretched out his arm.

According to a chip in the ball used by NFL’s Next Gen Stats, Huntley had the ball 0.6 yards away from crossing the plane and a go-ahead touchdown. Instead, he paved the way for the Bengals’ potential decisive score.

Sam Hubbard returns a fumble for a 98-yard touchdown.

Logan Wilson strips the ball away from Tyler Huntley.
Logan Wilson strips the ball away from Tyler Huntley.


Tyler Huntley fumbles short of the end zone.
Tyler Huntley fumbles short of the end zone.


In his third year, Huntley has largely taken over responsibilities under center for Baltimore since star quarterback Lamar Jackson injured his knee.

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