Below Deck’s Capt. Kerry Fires 3rd Season 11 Crewmember

Chef Anthony Iracane is saying bon voyage to Below Deck.

After cracking under pressure during multiple meal preps, the season 11 cook was fired by Captain Kerry Titheradge during the Bravo series’ April 22 episode.

The French foodie got the boot after not having any pork alternatives for the show’s most recent primary guest, serving a vegetable adverse vacationer salad and messing up another guest’s late night request for lobster grilled cheese. The culinary mistakes resulted in the crew receiving their lowest tip of the season with just $17,250 to split among them.

As a disappointed Chief Stew Fraser Olender lamented in a confessional afterwards, “This is embarrassing. Is it because of the food? I’m gonna say yes.”

Capt. Kerry then called Anthony to the bridge to reveal his fate aboard the super-yacht.

“I think you’re an incredible chef, you’re food is absolutely amazing,” Kerry told him. “But you’re starting to kind of nose-dive. I’m seeing guests not satisfied with elements of what you’re doing.”

“You’re not flourishing here,” he added. “If I keep you here any longer, I’m setting you up for disaster. I’m doing you a favor.”

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