Below Deck Down Under Loses 3rd Yachtie in Heartbreaking Firing

Below Deck Down Under Loses 3rd Yachtie in Heartbreaking Firing

In his confessional, Adam lamented his early departure from BDDU. “I can’t believe it,” he shared. “I was learning a lot and I was having a lot of fun. It just sucks that it’s getting cut short. I completely messed up. You don’t have anyone to blame but yourself.”

Upon learning the news, Deckhand Harry Van Vliet admitted to feeling “gutted” by the decision while Stews Jaimee Neale and Margot Sisson began crying.

However, Jason stood by his decision. “Adam’s got a lot of potential, he’s a great guy,” the captain reiterated. “At the end of the day, there’s some safety issues there that I have to just go ‘enough’s enough.'”

The firing was particularly heartbreaking given that Adam had explained this season that he got into yachting to earn enough money to buy his mother and siblings a house.

“I never really did anything like this before,” he noted in his final confessional before leaving. “I knew it was going to be a big shock when I came into it. I learned an insane amount. My next plan is to hopefully get up to captain in the commercial world, get my mom and kids in a house. And then, after that’s done, I’ll probably go back to yachting.”

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