Bachelorette Contestant Josh Seiter Dead at 36

Bachelorette Contestant Josh Seiter Dead at 36

Those seven years saw Seiter appear on season 11 of The Bachelorette, where he was sent home week one. After leaving the reality show, Seiter transformed his career path to become an advocate for mental health and wellness.

In July 2021, he posted a statement detailing his experiences with suicidal ideation at age 21, reading, “I am suicide attempt survivor. #EndTheStigma.”

“If you are struggling right now with your mental health I want you to know you aren’t alone, there is hope and there are resources, and it does get better,” he wrote. “Therapy isn’t a weakness. It requires an undeniable toughness. And it is so worth it.”

His last social media activity prior to his death included him reposting celebratory messages after he came out as bisexual in June 2023, as well as a smiling selfie on Aug. 24.

“Surviving depression and anxiety,” he wrote at the time, “one day at a time with a smile.”

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