Ariel Winter Responds to Claim Boyfriend Luke Benward Is “Controlling”

Ariel Winter is giving fans a peek inside her modern family. 

The Modern Family alum got some help from her boyfriend Luke Benward while filming a cooking video, sharing a glimpse at all the roles the Dumplin‘ actor helps play around the house. 

As he grated the cheese for their “go-to weeknight” stuffed peppers recipe, Ariel explained in the April 4 TikTok, “He’s a grill daddy, he’s a dog daddy, he’s a cheese daddy.”

And that’s not the only insight the Tripped Up actress shared on her relationship with Luke, who debuted their romance with in 2020. Ariel also headed to the comments to shut down speculation after one user claimed that he is “controlling” towards her.

“Guys please help he’s forcing me on onlyfans so he can be my manager and he doesn’t let me out of the house!!!!” the 25-year-old quipped under the user’s comment. “SOS!!!!”

Jokes aside, Ariel warned others not to “believe everything they see” on TikTok and went on to assure her followers, “He’s a great man, and if he wasn’t, the dogs would take his ass outside.”

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