Anthony Edwards on guarding Jayson Tatum: “I had to show him I could play defense”

Anthony Edwards, the standout 22-year-old shooting guard for the Timberwolves, not only demonstrated his offensive prowess with a game-high 38 points in the team’s overtime victory over the Celtics (114-109) but also accepted the challenge of guarding Celtics star Jayson Tatum.

In a pivotal moment during overtime, Edwards made a decisive defensive move, guarding Tatum from the three-point line and forcing a crucial turnover.

Edwards, reflecting on his defensive performance against Tatum, highlighted the competitive exchange between the two players, with Tatum initially gaining an advantage but Edwards swiftly responding by showcasing his defensive prowess and commitment to the game.

While acknowledging Tatum’s exceptional talent and status as one of the league’s premier players, Edwards emphasized his determination to prove his defensive capabilities.

“He got the stop on me at the end of the game. And he was talking smack at the jump ball at overtime. And I told him, ‘I’m coming again,’” Edwards said, via Dane Moore.

“Luckily, he called me up for an iso and tried to iso me, and I’m like, ‘I play defense, I just got five fouls’. So I had to show him I could play defense. But he’s a great player, one of the best players in the league, for sure.”

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