Anne Hathaway Reacts to Accidental Devil Wears Prada NYFW Nod

Anne Hathaway channeling Andy Sachs in 2022? Although it was groundbreaking—it was purely coincidental.
Nearly a month after the actress turned heads when she attended a Michael Kors show at New York Fashion Week looking very much like her Devil Wears Prada character, Anne revealed that her attire worn—as she sat next to Anna Wintour, no less—was far from planned.
“It was kind of nuts, wasn’t it? It was by accident,” she said during her Oct. 12 appearance on the Today show. “I was supposed to wear something else. The shoes didn’t fit, this was the other outfit that came.”
“And then my hairstylist, who was so lovely—I had never worked with him before—just said, ‘Oh I know what to do,’ and he threw my hair up in a ponytail,” she explained of her pulled back ‘do with bangs. “And I looked in the mirror and I thought, ‘Oh that’s funny, I wonder if anybody will notice.'”

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