Analyst thinks Kevin Durant can’t carry a team anymore

Photo: Phoenix Suns/Twitter

Pro Football Hall of Fame and Fox Sports 1 personality Shannon Sharpe says the Phoenix Suns veteran forward Kevin Durant cannot carry a team to a championship, neither now nor ever.

“When was he ever?” Sharpe asked about the notion Durant can carry a team to a championship. “I mean outside of Golden State. I mean Skip keeps harking on, ‘He took them over the promised land,’ but I’ve seen Golden State get there with him, get there without him. They got there without him before he joined them. They got there without him after he left. … The opportunity for him was to go to Brooklyn.

“He chose Kyrie [Irving] – no matter what you think of Kyrie, Kevin Durant chose to go link with him, just like he chose to link with Steph (Stephen Curry). … So this notion that you drug Kevin Durant anywhere and they’re an instant title contending team isn’t true. It was never true. But because of the success he had in Golden State, we forget what Golden State was before he got there.”

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