Amy Schumer shares how Leonardo DiCaprio reacted to her joke on his much younger romances at the Oscars

Amy Schumer reveals how Leonardo DiCaprio reacted to her critique of his many significant age-gap romances at the 2022 Oscars. In a recent interview with Howard Stern, via Us Weekly, the comedian disclosed that she had asked for the legendary actor’s approval before doing the joke in front of an audience. Schumer was one of the three history-making female hosts at this year’s Oscars.

During her monologue, the Life & Beth actress quipped, “He’s done so much to fight climate change and leave behind a cleaner, greener planet…for his girlfriends,” and added in her joke, “Because he’s older and they’re younger. OK, you get it.” Schumer shared that DiCaprio gave her his approval, “He said, ‘Go ahead.’ They didn’t care.” Schumer also talked about his current romance, Camila Morrone (24), with Stern and complimented her, “And his girlfriend, Cami, is the s—t. She’s actually the coolest b***h you’ll meet.”

Meanwhile, Leo and Camila have been together since 2017 and have a 23 years age gap. The Titanic actor has dated several younger women over the years. Besides Camila, DiCaprio also reportedly had relationships with Gisele Bundchen, who was 6 years younger than him, Bar Refaeli (11 years his junior), and Blake Lively (13 years his junior).

However, after cracking the joke, Schumer received some backlash from the netizens who claimed she stole the set from a Twitter post. The comedian addressed the hate and noted on an episode of Watch What Happens Live, “I’m funny enough, I don’t need to steal s–t.”

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