Amanda Bynes Reveals Her Favorite Role—the Answer Will Surprise You

Amanda Bynes is telling us all the things that we wanna hear.

This includes revealing her favorite television or film from her nearly 14-year acting career.

“I would probably say What I Like About You,” Amanda explained in a Cameo posted to TikTok Feb. 19. “That TV show was super fun. I loved working with Jennie Garth and Leslie Grossman, Wesley Jonathan and Simon Rex. It was such a great experience.”

While the Hairspray actress reflected on some of her past projects—including the mid-aughts sitcom and films like What a Girl Wants—she also gave insight into her new career as a nail technician. 

“I cannot wait to get my license,” she admitted. “I’m so excited to start doing nails.”

In the years since stepping back from acting in 2010, Amanda experienced a series of public personal and legal issues, ultimately spending eight years under the conservatorship of her mom Lynn Bynes. (The conservatorship ended in 2022.)

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