Allison Holker Resumes Dancing After Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ 2022 Death

Allison Holker is dancing again.

The So You Think You Can Dance star has shared her first new dance videos since the death of her husband, fellow dancer and choreographer Stephen “tWitch” Boss last year.

On Aug. 23, Allison posted a clip of her and daughter Weslie, 15, dancing to a remix of “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic on TikTok. She captioned the clip, “When your life is a mess but you just trying to vibe.”

Weslie commented, “Lol we’re funny,” and her mom responded, “Hahahha…love you.”

Then on Aug. 26, Allison, 35, shared on TikTok a video of herself and friend Brittany Russell dancing to Missy Elliott‘s 2003 track “Bomb Intro / Pass That Dutch.” She captioned the clip, “Excited to be back.”

Allison posted the same video on Instagram, writing, “Truly felt so good to dance again. I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. I was both scared and excited. But dance has always been there for me… even now and I am so grateful for that. And thank you @bperryrussell for making it so fun and making me feel safe!”

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