Aaron Rodgers wants to take Sauce Gardner to new heights

Aaron Rodgers wants to take Sauce Gardner to new heights

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is wasting no time at all to turn his unsuspecting teammates to the dark side.

What do you get when you pair a future Hall-of-Famer quarterback with a dialed in Year 2 corner? Two Jets who are built for success — and perhaps ready to take a walk on the spiritual side.

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers hasn’t even taken his first snap for his new team yet, and he’s already corrupting the young minds of the franchise.

Corrupting is a harsh word, but, well, see what 2022 DROY Sauce Gardner had to sayabout a recent conversation he had with the veteran quarterback:

“He was telling me he has the secret gems he can give me. Just hearing that from him made me respect him even more.”

Oh-o. Secret gems, you say? What kind of gems exactly?

We would imagine that what began as an innocent discussion on man coverage turned into Rodgers whisking Sauce into his private mystical lair, pulling back the velvet curtains, and showing him his crystal collection. The healing kind, the hexing kind (Schefty, begone!), the good luck kind, the bad luck kind, and all the kinds in between.

Then there’s a separate section in the room reserved for ayahuasca, another one for vaccine alternatives, and…. you get the picture. Rodgers is an eccentric man.

Aaron Rodgers to Gardner: Why have Sauce when you can have gems?

From the Jets’ perspective, though, Rodgers is their knight in shining armor, their savior, the chosen prophet who’s supposed to end the franchise’s playoff drought in 2023.

Sauce also noted that Rodgers was a “great guy” and that he was looking forward to “sit down (with Rodgers) and just watch some film.”

The two have been chumming it up in recent weeks when they both attended a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden and when Rodgers poked fun at Sauce for not knowing who Jessica Alba was.

This offseason is shaping up to be quite the learning experience for Gardner who appears ready to pick up anything Rodgers puts down. The young padawan has no idea what he’s getting into.

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