Aaliyah Chavez is the FIRST High School Girl EVER to Write the SLAM HS Diary

The Basketball Diary is a SLAM tradition that started 28 years ago and has featured some of the
biggest names in the game. But, it was always written by a high school boy. Until now.

World, meet Monterey High’s Aaliyah Chavez.

Hey y’all, it’s Aaliyah Chavez.

I scored my 3,000th point in high school last night. I needed 40 points to get it, and before the game I told myself, Oh I’m gonna keep track after the first 2 points. But then I ended up losing track. At halftime I asked my coach, Is it bad for me to ask how many points I have? and she was like, You actually only need 7 more! Once I hit that three to get me the 3,000th point, I was so hyped and saying LET’S GOOO! I sat out most of the fourth, though, and honestly, I probably could have got 50 if [Coach] didn’t sit me out. It’s all good though. My dad told me if I got 3,000 points he’d get me Wingstop after the game, which is my favorite food. 

My life right now is pretty much just eat, sleep and basketball. I’m in my junior year, which started off a little difficult for me because we were traveling so much for school ball, but it’s getting better. Everyone says junior year is the hardest year and I see why now.

My favorite class is reading because the teacher is pretty chill, and if we need help she’s there to help us, but my favorite subject is math because I’m pretty good at it. I’m taking Algebra 2 right now, but next year is going to be either calculus or pre-calc, which my coach actually teaches. I think I might take it just because she’s gonna be gone the same days I’ll be gone when we have to travel, but then at the same time, I’m like, I don’t know if I want my coach to be my teacher. 

It’s still the morning here in Texas right now, so I gotta go. My mom’s making bacon and egg breakfast burritos. I’m not that into cooking, but my parents can—my mom made chili the other
night, and my dad gets on the grill. I think I’m pretty much going to just chill out at home for the weekend, and then for dinner tonight I think we’re going to go out to Texas Roadhouse. It’s so good.

Catch you later! 

Portraits by Zach Tijerina.

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