76ers could offer Tyrese Maxey to try to get Damian Lillard

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The Sixers have reportedly been very clear that they are not going to trade Tyrese Maxey because they view the 22-year-old point guard as part of the team’s longterm future.

However, NBA insider Brian Windhorst says that just because Philadelphia holds that position right now does not mean it will be the same in the near future. He hints that the Sixers’ general manager Daryl Morey has some move up his sleeve that he could make in order to try and get Damian Lillard.

“Essentially that’s what the Sixers have let it be known that they do not intend to trade Tyrese Maxey and that they also don’t intend to extend him,” Windhorst said on Get Up. “These two moves in conjunction make me kind of go ‘Hmm something’s going on there.’

“And I will say that Daryl Morey the president of the Sixers is known for strategy plays both medium and long term. He’s obviously got something up his sleeve but I don’t see how they’re going to get into the Dame Lillard race no matter what they potentially trade James Harden for unless they add Tyrese Maxey.

“Well, if Tyrese Maxie is not in the deal, and just because you say he’s not on July 6th doesn’t mean he might not be at a later time, but if he’s not in the offer now, I don’t see how they get it.

“And I think that’s something that Miami is very well aware of as we go through here. But remember Daryl Morey has something up his sleeve. He is a very competent very strategic executive. Don’t make an assumption that he’s ignoring Joel Embiid. Don’t make any assumptions with him. I wish I could tell you exactly what he was planning. I know enough to know that he’s got something going on and that he doesn’t show anybody his hand.”

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