3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks Are the Latest Embracer Studios to Be Hit With Layoffs

Embracer Group has once again conducted a round of layoffs, with Duke Nukem creator 3D Realms and Ghostrunner co-developer Slipgate Ironworks being hit, per posts on social media by former employees.

Employees at both studios took to X/Twitter to reveal that they had been laid off from their jobs, including Michael Markie, a lead composer at both studios, and Patrick Hewitt, a 3D artist. Scott Miller, the founder of 3D Realms, said in a post that he had “several sources” tell him that layoffs were happening, particularly at the 3D Realms headquarters in Denmark.

“This one hits me hard because I worked with the new 3DR from 2014 up until when they were bought out by Embracer 2.5 yrs ago,” Miller wrote.

It’s currently unclear how many people were affected, but Miller wrote that he heard “half the company” had been laid off.

In a statement sent to IGN, an Embracer Group spokesperson said the company does “not comment on rumors or speculation” when asked about the recent layoffs at 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks. They added that they’re in the midst of a “comprehensive restructuring program” which could include “the closing of studios and termination of projects.” You can read the full statement below.

The studio was founded in 1987 by Miller as Apogee Software before being renamed a few years later. It’s best known for creating the Duke Nukem series. The studio was acquired by Embracer Group subsidiary Saber Interactive in 2021.

While Slipgate Ironworks was founded in 2010, some games the studio worked on include 2020’s Ghostrunner, which it co-developed with One More Level. And Graven, an early access fantasy-themed first-person game, is set to receive a full release early next year. Like 3D Realms, Embracer acquired the studio in 2021.

These layoffs are only the latest for Embracer Group this year alone after a deal worth $2 billion fell through. Last month, Embracer revealed that over 900 staff were laid off as part of the restructure.

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Other Embracer-owned studios that faced layoffs this year include Campfire Cabal, Frontier Developments, and Free Radical Design.

In the case of Free Radical Design, the creator behind Timesplitters, the studio closed its doors earlier this week. Embracer-owned studio Deep Silver revived Free Radical in 2021 after it initially went defunct in the late 2000s; the revived Free Radical Design was tasked with creating a new installment in the Timesplitters franchise.

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