24-Hour Deal: 50% Off a Bio Ionic Iron That Does Your Hair in Minutes

24-Hour Deal: 50% Off a Bio Ionic Iron That Does Your Hair in Minutes

Not quite sure about shopping? These reviews will convince you that this iron is a must-buy.

Bio Ionic 10X Pro Styling Iron Reviews

A shopper declared, “Best I’ve ever used. It straightens thick curly hair like a dream with or without the vibration setting on. It also curls your hair and it stays all day. I can’t say enough good things about it!”

Another raved, “Better than Dyson! This will style you for the entire week! The vibrating plates means my hair never gets caught in the straightener and I’ve had it now for over 5 years and it works just as good as the first day I used it. Could not recommend enough.. I almost want to buy a back up! I’ve put my $800-or whatever Dyson away and came back to this!”

A long-time fan of the iron shared, “I’ve had this flat iron since I was probably 16. I’m 24 now and it’s still the best thing ever! It works the same as the day I got it and still makes my hair feel like silk.”

A shopper gushed, “HOLY SHINE! I have had plenty of hair straighteners over the past 20 years. I’ve owned a couple ghds, a couple TYME irons, some cheap ones, etc. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST STRAIGHTENER I’VE OWNED. I can confidently say that it is worth the money. I bleach my hair about 2-3 times a year, and when I use this straightener my hair is the softest it’s ever been. Compared to my last straightener, this one takes half the time to style my hair and looks 5 times better. It curls with an easy flip of the wrist and makes my hair so shiny. Buy it, girl. Just buy it.”

A reviewer said, “Best flat iron ever! Hands down the best flat iron I’ve ever used. I have thin straight hair and primarily use the iron to add body or curls. The vibrating plates are fantastic. My hair doesn’t get stuck and the iron just moves through super smoothly. I’ve had my iron for around 2-3 years now and use it several times a week and it’s still going strong. I pray Bio Ionic never does away with this design. I might buy a backup just in case!”

“I’ve tried several flat irons since the early 2000s and this one beats them all. It doesn’t pull or tug at my hair at all, it glides smoothly. I’ve had other irons in the past that would pull on my hair and cause breakage. I also noticed that my hair is much shinier & when i go to brush my hair throughout the day, i don’t have as many tangles or knots,” a shopper wrote.

While you have hair on your mind, here’s an easy guide to cleaning the product build-up and dead skin from your brush.

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