2023 New BESPOKE JET AI Vacuum Cleaner – Introduction & Features

Samsung Electronics has announced the forthcoming global release of the Samsung Bespoke Jet™ AI, their most advanced wireless stick vacuum to date. Boasting suction power of up to 280W1, it also includes a self-emptying All-in-One Clean Station™ and utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) for enhanced functionality. The Bespoke Jet™ AI will be accessible worldwide from June, with preorders commencing today in various markets such as Australia, Europe2, and the U.S.

The Bespoke Jet™ AI comes in two classic Bespoke colors, namely Satin Black and Satin Greige, and is offered in two models: 250W and 280W3.

Junwha Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of the Customer Experience Team of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics expressed, “The Bespoke Jet™ AI is designed to cater to every lifestyle, combining exceptional suction power with AI-based cleaning services that adapt to any environment automatically. With this intelligent cordless stick vacuum, Samsung is providing users with a premium and stylish solution for their daily needs.”

Samsung’s Most Robust and Longest-Running Cordless Stick Vacuum to date

The powerful HexaJet Motor is a standout feature of the Bespoke Jet™ AI, offering Samsung’s highest suction power yet, reaching up to 280W and consuming a maximum power of 730W. Despite its lightweight design, weighing just 150g, this motor delivers a 25% increase in suction power compared to the previous model,5 with an impressive motor efficiency of 52%.

To ensure uninterrupted cleaning sessions, the Bespoke Jet™ AI provides an exceptional battery life of up to 100 minutes, surpassing all other Samsung cordless stick vacuums in terms of single battery runtime. Its 4,500mAh battery has been optimized to retain 70% of its performance for up to 500 cycles, featuring 80% more capacity than the previous model.

In addition to its powerful motor and extended battery life, the Bespoke Jet™ AI comes with a range of brushes and accessories. The Active Dual Brush efficiently cleans all types of floors and includes built-in LED lighting to illuminate dust in darker areas. The Slim LED Brush+ is designed for maneuverability and effectively tackles challenging spaces with the help of LED lighting. For convenient storage of the device and its brushes, the Accessory Cradle allows users to keep their vacuum organized and within easy reach.

Experience an Extraordinary Level of Intelligent Cleaning with AI-based Technology.

Equipped with Samsung’s AI Optimum Tech and an innovative AI mode, the Bespoke Jet™ AI revolutionizes the cleaning experience by adapting to various environments. It proudly holds the distinction of being the first cordless stick vacuum to receive AI verification from UL Solutions, a renowned independent safety science organization. By utilizing its AI Cleaning Mode, the Bespoke Jet™ AI accurately identifies different floor types, delivering optimized cleaning performance and maximizing battery efficiency.

Through its suction motion controller and pressure sensors, the Bespoke Jet™ AI’s AI Cleaning Mode detects brush load and air pressure, enabling it to classify the floor type. Based on this analysis, the vacuum automatically applies an algorithm that adjusts suction power and brushroll speed to achieve the best cleaning results.7

The AI Cleaning Mode of the Bespoke Jet™ AI offers notable benefits. When used with the Active Dual Brush, it reduces battery consumption by up to 14% and enhances maneuverability by up to 6%. Similarly, when paired with the Slim LED Brush+, it reduces battery consumption by up to 21% and improves maneuverability by up to 8%.8

In addition to the AI Cleaning Mode, the Bespoke Jet™ AI provides enhanced functionality through SmartThings and Smart Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows users to customize their vacuum and access its features while ensuring optimal performance through the smart self-diagnosis function. As a result, users can enjoy a more effective and tailored cleaning experience.

Enhanced Hygiene Ensured by the Upgraded All-in-One Clean Station™

Get ready for a cleaning upgrade! The Bespoke Jet™ AI introduces its enhanced All-in-One Clean Station™, featuring Air Pulse technology that automatically empties the dustbin for faster and more hygienic cleaning. With the All-in-One Clean Station™, the Air Spin Edge technology kicks in and spins the Spinning Cyclone at an impressive rate of up to 1,000 RPM to flush out waste, including stubborn hair stuck in the dustbin grille.

But that’s not all! The upgraded All-in-One Clean Station™ goes the extra mile by automatically closing its cover after every disposal. It’s equipped with a powerful 99.999% Multi-layered Filtration System, ensuring exceptional dust management, and an improved hair removal rate of 99%9 for efficient dustbin emptying.

The launch of the Bespoke Jet™ AI showcases Samsung’s commitment to expanding its footprint in the stick vacuum market worldwide. By offering a winning combination of premium design and user-friendly features, Samsung is taking cleaning experiences to the next level.

To discover more about the smart, powerful, and thorough cleaning experiences delivered by the Bespoke Jet™ AI, including its extended device run time, effortless maneuverability, and hygienic dustbin emptying, visit Samsung.com today!


Chain core stator: Light yet more powerful 150g motor

Maximized motor efficiency: Two-row vaned Diffuser & Impeller

HexaJet Motor: Exceptionally powerful suction of up to 280W

Jet Cyclone: Long lasting power with 28 air holes

AI Cleaning:
World’s first UL Verified AI cordless stick vacuum,
AI algorithm for optimal cleaning,
Optimal performance for any surface.
Saves battery power up to 14%

Removable and long lasting battery:
Non-stop for up to 100minutes

All-in-one Clean Station:
Spinning cyclone of up to 1000RPM that effectively removes dust & hair and it automatically closes the dust bin when its done.
Easily and hygienically empties and charges.

Pet Tool:
Powerfully picks up pet hair.
Easily cleans with V-shaped drum and Anti-tangle Grinder

99.999% Multi-layered Filtration System:
Traps 99.999% of fine dust,
Releases clean air.

Anti-bacterial microfiber pads for a clean finish.

Spray Spinning Sweeper: Mops hard floors with dual wet pad

Fully washable

Changeable battery: Large capacity battery & lightweight battery

Slim LED Brush:
Easily picks up dust on hard floor
Detects dust in dark space

Active Dual Brush:
Powerfully cleans all types of floors

LCD Digital Display: Shows clear notifications when object stucks

Telescopic Pipe: Fits all heights

Long Reach Crevice Tool: Cleans deep & small places

Combination Tool: Cleans various types of furniture

Flex Tool: Easily reaches high places

Wi-Fi connectivity:
Self diagnosis & maintenance
Tracks and reports cleaning history

Accessory Cradle: Keeps your accessories neat

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