10 Most Played and Bet On Sports in Australia Today

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There is a widespread love of sports among Australians. They take great pleasure in attending games, watching them on television, and even wagering on the outcomes. The nation’s dedication to sports rivals that of few others worldwide. 

Several artists and bands have devoted followings in Australia, but a select few stand out as overwhelming favorites among the masses. The passion of Australians for these sports, with casino reviews for Australia, has propelled them into the top 10 of the country.

Joining in the Fun of the Games

Sport is a huge part of Australian culture, not just for playing or watching, but also for betting. Betting on athletic events has grown to become a national pastime. This article provides an in-depth rundown for those unfamiliar with Australia’s top betting sites. 

Learn about signup bonuses, sports offered, and payments from a comprehensive list of the most reliable firms and their products. It’s possible that this information will lead you to the most trustworthy and legitimate Australian sportsbooks.

The ten most popular sports in Australia are as follows:


In Australia, golf is a national obsession. This map shows you some of the fantastic golf courses available throughout Australia. The world’s top golf courses are clustered around popular tourist destinations. One may play golf in stunning settings at the greatest hotels and B&Bs.

Golf is popular in Australia, as is betting on its various tournaments.


Since football (known as soccer in Australia) is the most popular sport worldwide, it seems to reason that it would also be a huge hit Down Under. Australia’s several online bookmakers accept wagers on every major international professional league and amateur tournament. Fans can do so regardless of whether they are interested in the English Premier League, Chinese football, or current affairs in Africa. Even games played before, and after the World Cup itself are included.

Soccer is a huge sport in Australia. They enjoy playing the game and going to games at local and national venues to watch the pros. 

American Football

The Aussies appear to be fans of any form of football. That includes the sport of American football. They feature football from Canada and other nations such as Finland and Denmark, albeit from lower-tier leagues.

Australia also has a small but competitive gridiron scene with several teams. Most devoted fans, however, are keeping up with the action in the States.

Australian Rules Football

With its origins in Australia, it should be no surprise that Australian rules football is a global phenomenon. This sport took off in the early 1980s when ESPN started covering it, despite the regulations being a little unclear for non-Australians. With so few live sporting events to broadcast, Australia’s version of football has taken the world by storm.

That has contributed to the league’s expansion into other countries. It has also increased the number of wagers placed on these events, as sportsbooks allow their customers to do so. You should spend some time researching the game’s regulations before visiting any Australian betting sites if you need to become more familiar with them. 


Although it’s not football, rugby is where American football started. It’s also a huge deal down under where sports are concerned. There are large professional leagues all around the country, and tens of thousands play the sport at school or college.

It’s also a widely practiced sport worldwide, particularly in Europe, where nations like the United Kingdom produce some of the world’s finest rugby players. Because of this, several reputable gambling websites will let you wager on rugby games.


Australia is a global leader in cricket. Millions of dollars are wagered annually on these contests at the biggest betting sites. Users can bet on various events, from big international tournaments to domestic leagues in nations like India and Pakistan, thanks to the abundance of betting options available. Cricket’s popularity extends beyond Africa; the sport is gaining ground in the United States.


Baseball is quite popular in Australia. Australia’s summer is a great option for people looking to escape the cold of North American winters. This peaceably facilitates the importing of top-tier talent to the Australian professional league. 

Baseball has slowly but steadily risen in popularity in Australia, becoming one of the country’s most-watched sporting events. Indigenous Australians are making significant strides in the professional sports industry, with some even reaching the highest levels with Major League teams.

It’s also common practice to place wagers on games. Bets can be placed on games from the AU, SK, JP, USA, CAN, and other winter leagues, including the DR, VAR, and SAF.


If your country hosts a major international tennis tournament, that tells a lot about the passion of your tennis fans. 

The sport of tennis is played by millions of Australians every year. It’s not shocking that Australia has produced some of the most famous athletes in the sport’s history, given the interest the game has garnered there.


Throughout the past few decades, basketball’s popularity has skyrocketed. Although the sport has been practiced in the country for over a century, its current popularity only dates back 30 years. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the most widely viewed sports leagues in Australia, where it is claimed that over a million individuals play the game. Australia boasts a competitive domestic basketball competition and a nationally-ranked national basketball squad.

Motor Sports

There are numerous ways to take pleasure in motorsports. Racing events such as Indy Car, Indy Lights, and the Motocross Grand Prix are extremely popular with fans. Motorsports are popular in this country, with millions gambled on each year. The country has done a fantastic job of advertising these competitions; as a result, they are now the fourth most popular sport in attendance.

There’s no denying the passion that Aussies have for sports. People take pleasure in both watching and taking part in them. They are big gamblers; if you are a tourist, you may join in on all the fun.

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