Watch Paris Hilton Promote 2024 Summer Olympics Coverage in NBCU Ad

Paris Hilton promoting the 2024 Olympics in Paris? That’s hot.

The next Summer Games are set to take place in the French capital and the 41-year-old stars in a new ad kicking off NBCUniversal’s campaign for its upcoming coverage of the event.

In the promotional spot, released Jan. 14, the Paris in Love star stands inside a posh hotel room while wearing a sparkling, silver gown. She opens the doors to a terrace as a male voice states, “Next summer, the eyes of the world will be on…”

The former reality star then turns around and says, while giving a sultry look, “Paris.” A montage of Olympic athletes and city landmarks is then shown, after which the star says, “Oh, the other Paris.”

In addition to releasing the ad, NBCUniversal also dropped a video of outtakes from Paris’ commercial shoot. “Paris, France? What the?” she asks, before she is seen holding a white Pomeranian wearing a pink jacket, telling the pup, “They should change the name, it’s confusing.”

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