Tyrone Tracy’s former coaches expect him to excel with New York Giants

Tyrone Tracy’s former coaches expect him to excel with New York Giants

The New York Giants selected Tyrone Tracy Jr. in the fifth round of the 2024 NFL Draft. They spent the early offseason making player and personnel moves, which included some heavy losses.

Additions were made to compensate, and Tracy was one of those additions.

While he might be a bit of a gamble given how short a time he played running back in college, Tracy’s former coaches at Purdue, Ryan Waters and Lamar Conard, believe he can succeed at the NFL level . . . and in short order.

“He’s a natural pass-catcher,” Waters said, via Giants.com. “He understands how to attack somebody’s leverage and how to use your eyes in a route tree. He’s got a good feel for catching the ball and getting vertical. We definitely utilized him out of the backfield this past year, probably should have done it more.”

“He had a few runs in spring ball and a few runs in fall camp where he lowered his shoulder and invited and embraced and sought out contact. That’s when I was like, man, in my opinion, we got an NFL guy,” Conard added.

The lack of evidence at this point is what makes Tracy a gamble, but if his former coaches are right, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. If the Giants mold him appropriately, he could have a big impact this season and in years to come.

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