Tracy Anderson Reveals Jennifer Lopez’s Surprising Fitness Mindset

As imagined, The Hustlers star isn’t just hard-working in the gym, she’s also passionate about her movie roles. That’s why she asked husband Ben Affleck, 50, to give constructive criticism about her new Netflix thriller.

“I show it to Ben because he’s so good at it,” Jennifer exclusively told E! NewsCarolina Bermudez earlier this month. “I’m like, ‘What do you see? What do you think?’ Because the first cut of a movie is not the last cut of a movie. So, the first cut, I’m always like, ‘You wanna see this with me or you wanna wait?’ And he’s like, ‘No, let’s watch it.'”

“He always has amazing insight,” the 53-year-old added about her Oscar-winning husband, “and sees things about characters and about the story being a writer himself.”

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