The Late Late Show: Harry Styles Debuts “Daylight” Music Video

Some lucky fans’ apartment just turned into Harry’s House!

During a recent appearance on The Late Late Show promoting his new album, Harry Styles took to the streets of Brooklyn, New York, along with host James Corden to find an apartment to film a music video for his new song “Daylight.”

But with three hours, a budget of $300 and no location, it seems like an impossible task, right? Wrong. Nothing can stand in the way of this world-renowned pop star. Oh, or Harry either.

Harry and James knock on a few doors and ask if they can film inside their apartment. But after a few “no’s,” James says to Harry, “I thought this would be easier Harry, I’ve got to be honest. I thought your face would open a lot of doors.”

Finally, a group of four girls (very happily) agree to let the duo transform their space into a production room.

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