Taylor Swift Not Performing at 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show, Despite Fan Rumors

Swifties are at it again. The loyal Taylor Swift fanbase is convinced the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter will be headlining this year’s Super Bowl LVII halftime show. But how true is this?

Fans began picking up the “Easter eggs” when the NFL dropped a press release at midnight that Apple Music, who Swift has starred in commercials for, would be taking over Pepsi’s spot as the primary sponsor. Because of the singer’s upcoming album, “Midnights,” and her new TikTok series Midnights Mayhem with Me, where she announces the name to a different track every night at midnight, fans immediately made the connection. Maybe the NFL meant to hint at Swift’s new work, or dare I say: perhaps, it was simply timed out all too well. Wink, wink.

Swift has never been able to perform at the Super Bowl because she had a years-long deal with Coca-Cola that started in 2013. So with Pepsi out of the way, will we finally get the “Lover”-“Folklore”-“Evermore”-“Midnights” performance we’ve been waiting years for?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it.

While “three sources close to the situation” told Variety it’s happening and Swift is known for her cryptic hidden messages alluding to her future endeavors, outlets like TMZ and People reported that the rumors are simply rumors, and she will not be headlining at this year’s halftime show. So to repeat a message directly from Swift’s lyrics to everyone: you need to calm down.

But if for some reason things change and Taylor Swift does decide to show up to the Super Bowl (which I just found out is on my birthday), nothing will make my little, Aquarius heart happier.

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