See the Royal Family Unite on Balcony After King Charles’ Coronation

See the Royal Family Unite on Balcony After King Charles’ Coronation

The then-25-year-old queen appeared on the balcony in 1953 with Philip and their children to date, 4-year-old Charles and 2-year-old Anne, as well as her mum, the Queen Mother, sister Princess Margaret, and her six Maids of Honour.

Charles attended his mum’s coronation ceremony but didn’t have any assigned duties. George, who’s second in line to the throne, became the youngest future king to have an official role in a coronation.

As Charles’ heir, William, wearing a formal robe and mantle, presented his father with the Stole Royal and the Robe Royal during the service.

Harry’s non-working royal status was highlighted by the military medals pinned to his dark morning suit, the British Army veteran having not worn his military uniform at ceremonial events since he and Meghan stepped away from royal duties in 2020. (He did don his uniform as he stood vigil with his brother and first cousins when the queen lay in state at Westminster Hall ahead of her funeral.)

While the Coronation Procession was making its way back to the palace, royal correspondents declared it highly unlikely that Harry would be on the balcony, though all agreed it would be a heartening moment of unity if he was.

Scroll on to see all the big moments from King Charles III’s coronation:

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