Roger Goodell surprises young Vikings fan with Super Bowl tickets

Watch Roger Goodell surprise a young Minnesota Vikings fan with Super Bowl 57 tickets.

How can you not love seeing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell surprise a young Minnesota Vikings fan with Super Bowl 57 tickets?

Goodell may have a bit of a history when it comes to fumbling the snap, but he executed this surprise to perfection. He presented Charlie Huizinga with Super Bowl tickets on the U.S. Bank Stadium turf. Even if Huizinga’s beloved Vikings do not win the NFC, going to the Super Bowl is an unforgettable experience for anyone. This is what sports are all about. Great job by Goodell here!

How can you not smile from ear to ear seeing Charlie’s face light up upon seeing those tickets?

Roger Goodell surprises a young Minnesota Vikings fan with Super Bowl tickets

Super Bowl 57 will be played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, home of the NFC West’s Arizona Cardinals. Although the Cardinals are the first team in three seasons to not play in their home stadium for the Super Bowl, the NFC champion has hoisted the last two Lombardi Trophies. Minnesota just so happens to play in the NFC. Unfortunately, 1976 is a very, very long time ago…

Minnesota is one of 12 NFL franchises to never win a Super Bowl. The Vikings are tied with the Buffalo Bills for the most appearances in the big game without a victory to date. Buffalo may have lost four in a row, but Minnesota has not been since the Bicentennial. To think the Vikings have not won the NFC in going on 50 years is borderline absurd. Hopefully, they can end this streak soon.

Ultimately, football is about bringing people together from all walks of life. Sports have a way of unifying people in ways few other methods can reach. Life will try to bring you down, but anytime you see a young kid like Charlie be this happy about something, you can never put a price on it. No matter who is playing in the big game next month, you better believe Charlie will be there for it!

Congratulations on being able to experience something most people can only hope to dream of.

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