Odds forecast shocking favorite to sign DeAndre Hopkins

NFL Rumors: Could a surprising suitor really be the favorite to land DeAndre Hopkins? Somehow, the Dallas Cowboys are betting favorites.

While Dak Prescott would love to add DeAndre Hopkins to his arsenal of skill-position weapons, is it actually realistic?

Dallas is reportedly the betting favorite to land Hopkins just hours after he was released by the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona took on the remainder of Hopkins contract in what can only be described as the first of many moves to embrace the tank.

There are a couple of things working against Dallas right now. First, the Cowboys have $10 million in cap space, which is nice but likely not enough to sign Hopkins and fill all their remaining roster needs. Second, Hopkins did not add Prescott on his list of quarterbacks he wanted to play for. That list, however, did include Eagles QB Jalen Hurts. Ouch.

That’s no huge slight at Prescott, though, and surely something the pair could get over. The Cowboys wide receiver corps, for now, includes CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup, Brandin Cooks and more depth pieces. The team acquired Cooks this offseason to take add another downfield threat to their passing game. Hopkins would put them over the top.

NFL Rumors: Cowboys are betting favorites to land DeAndre Hopkins

Per Bet Online, Dallas is now 2-to-1 favorites to land Hopkins, who just became the best wide receiver left on the open market. There is a bevy of teams interested in his services though, including the Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers and more.

While the Cardinals struggled to find trade suitors for Hopkins, it’s because most teams knew he’d be cut eventually, most likely a post-June 1 accommodation. The fact Hopkins is available this soon is a little surprising, and gives teams like, say, Dallas a head start in their pursuit.

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