Listen to KFAN radio call of Vikings forcing Josh Allen fumble (Video)

Listen to the Josh Allen endzone fumble as it was called by play-by-play announcer Paul Allen on KFAN radio in Minnesota.

It’s not hyperbolic to say the Minnesota Vikings secured one of the biggest wins in franchise history on Sunday in Buffalo.

Well, it’s actually super hyperbolic, but laying it on thick seems appropriate for what we’re talking about in this post. The Vikings did the improbable in Week 10, forcing a goal line fumble to take the lead over what was at the time the best team in the AFC.

It’s the kind of thing that every fanbase hopes happen in that situation but it never actually happens. The fact that it broke in favor of Minnesota sports fans — a truly cursed group — makes what happened even more incredible and cathartic.

The only thing that can properly do the moment justice is to hear it as it was called on Vikings radio by Paul Allen.

Allen has been the voice of the Vikings for over two decades, and even if you haven’t listened to a Vikings game on the radio you’ve almost certainly heard a Paul Allen call.

This is what KFAN radio sounded like when the Vikings forced Josh Allen to fumble into his own endzone and recovered it for a


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