Life Makeover, Where Your Only Limit Is Your Imagination

Becoming a fashion icon can be hard work. It takes time, creativity, and an eye for perfectly crafted outfit composition. Not to mention a sense of design to create the perfect home in which to wear your new fancy clothes. It can take years to curate the ideal wardrobe and house.

Unless you have Life Makeover, the new social simulation game from Famous Heart Limited. The game already has over 15 million followers from around the world and over 4 million players from Southeast Asia, America, and Europe who have already pre-registered to unlock early rewards. Many people are looking to express their unique sense of style in the digital space. Life Makeover has already reached the top spot in the iOS store in China, Japan, and Singapore, with English, Russian, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, and Vietnamese localization. It has quickly become a cultural hit because of its customization options, home designs, and social elements, putting the freedom of limitless creativity in the player’s hands.

Available Now For Download

Life Makeover offers a level of customization that may be overwhelming at first glance. However, their user-friendly interface allows new players to jump in and quickly get the hang of things to get to the fun of creating their perfect looks. Players, or “dream makers” as the game calls them, can make their avatar and control factors like skin tone, body shape, facial structure, eye color & shape, to the point that you can customize your upper and lower eyelid separately and even customize the twinkle in your eyes. Adjust your makeup, the length of your legs, and the pout of your lips. Life Makeover can help you make it if you can dream it.

Designing your avatar is just the beginning. After customizing your virtual avatar, it’s time to switch gears and choose what to wear. Players are put into full designer mode, able to craft their wardrobe looks down to each piece’s styles, colors, patterns, and materials! Thousands of items are currently available in game, from casual looks to elaborate gowns worthy of a photo shoot at the Met Gala; the latest fashion looks and vintage couture pieces are at your fingertips. You could even use the customization options to create the outfit you’re wearing right now! Re-create your favorite celebrity looks from the Met Gala or an iconic look from your favorite tv show. The use of Unreal Engine 4 means that the materials and clothing look precisely as they do in real life.

From Fashion Week Icon to Home Makeover

The creativity doesn’t end with your wardrobe. After all, the game is called Life Makeover. Players are able to create their dream homes from the ground up, choosing the perfect floor plan and decorating it as they see fit. Furnish every corner of your home, and insert lighting fixtures and conversation pieces as you like. What will your dream home look like? How will you create the perfect getaway and hosting space?

Once your home is ready, it’s time to invite your friends or players you’ve met in the neighborhood over and throw a house party to show off your creation. Host a tea party, combine the home and fashion elements, and host a themed costume party. It’s up to you. The game’s social aspect is just as crucial as the various design elements. It’s not just about customizing but also about interacting with others in this vibrant world that the team at Famous Heart Limited has created. Life Makeover is a blank canvas for you to paint your perfect picture with all the tools the game gives you.

What Will Your Story Be?

As if a fashion simulator, a custom home design game, and a social online multiplayer game where you can have your friends over for photoshoots weren’t enough, Life Makeover also offers a story mode. Yes, a story mode where players can become detectives to uncover the mystery of the main story and even experience some of the stories behind specifically unique costumes.

More than four million people have signed up for Life Makeover to get their hands on rewards and begin their journey from day one. You can download the game now and invite your friends!

If you get five friends to join you, you’ll get a few bonus customization items as a reward. There is also an ongoing SNS event with free outfits in-game and a luck draw on their Facebook page to win an iPhone and CHANEL lipsticks! So get your vision boards and lookbooks ready and check out Life Makeover on the Play Store and App Store!

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