Leslie Mann and Iris Apatow’s Chanel Cruise 2024 Looks: Behind the Scenes

It was a rare chilly and cloudy day in Los Angeles, but that didn’t stop the fashion set from descending on Paramount Studios to take in Chanel’s Cruise 2024 show on Wednesday, May 9. Set on a Chanel-monogrammed rollerskating rink against a real-life carnival backdrop, with vendors flinging fries and champagne, the show was an ode to the ’80s Barbie girl aesthetic L.A. is known for—and the current Barbiecore craze. Actresses Iris Apatow and Leslie Mann made a mother-daughter date night out of the occasion, getting glam at the Hotel Bel Air together before hitting the show in complementary Chanel ensembles. Apatow dawned a red and burgundy set with matching knee-highs, while Mann opted for a long-sleeve black tweed minidress, which she belted and wore with opaque black tights.

“It was the shortest dress I’ve worn in probably 30 years, so I loved that,” Mann revealed. “I love how flattering it was around the hips and shoulders. Chanel clothing is effortless and stunningly beautiful. I love the way their clothes fit.” Apatow added that her look made her “feel very confident. I thought the bright colors and the heart earrings were very chic—very chic and charming. I felt very elegant. It felt very current with a lot of nods to earlier collections. And I think that’s what made this piece so special.”

The duo chatted with ELLE.com about their getting-ready process for the show, as well as their plans for Mother’s Day and their take on each other’s style. Mann’s is “elevated and colorful” and “very flowy,” Apatow observed, while Mann admitted her youngest daughter’s style is a little confusing to her. “I feel like I can go to a store and buy clothes for Maude,” she said. “I understand her style more than I understand Iris’ style. Iris’ style is something I really appreciate, but I couldn’t wear or pull off myself. Just like her blonde eyebrows. I think they’re cool, but they’re not something I can pull off.”

As for their plans on May 14? “Going to brunch with Iris and Judd (sadly, Maude is in London), and then maybe doing an astrology reading because I’m super into that, and I need some guidance in my life,” Mann joked.

“I bought her a teapot that has an Iris flower on it and a kitten sitting on it because she drinks tea every morning,” Apatow added. “We’re going to take her to dinner and watch Love Actually together.”

Below, see Apatow and Mann’s getting-ready diary exclusively on ELLE.com.

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