Kenyon Martin on lack of defense in NBA: “It’s tough to watch some nights”

Former NBA standout Kenyon Martin has joined the chorus of voices expressing dismay over the current state of defense in the NBA.

He believes that the league’s shift towards a more offense-centric style of play has significantly impacted the viewing experience for fans.

In an appearance on Podcast P with Paul George, Martin expressed his frustrations, stating, “It’s tough to watch some nights because there’s no resistance. How many guys averaged 30 [points per game] this year? Like six, seven. That’s unheard of, man. Y’all can score. Everybody ain’t that damn good, man.”

George echoed Martin’s concerns. He agreed that while the high-scoring nature of modern NBA games might be entertaining, the absence of robust defense has altered the league’s dynamics.

“I agree with it 100%,” George concurred. “I think it’s more entertaining when defense is implemented, and you get to see guys who can actually guard their opponents.”

Kenyon Martin’s son, Kenyon Martin Jr., also weighed in on the matter. He shared his father’s sentiments, remarking, “I think it’s too much nowadays. It’s too soft. If a guy beats you, you’re dead. You can’t really do anything.”

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